Blood Gulch Alliance: Competitive & Casual

January is flying by us as we speak and its abundantly clear that recruiting needs to be the second priority for the clan behind playing competitive games. As a clan we envision ourselves having nightly action in some concept or form between all of our members, but to get to that point, our numbers need to increase immediately.

Why should you join Blood Gulch Alliance?

I’m glad you asked, currently as our clan assembles its competitive teams, now is the time to join to insert yourself higher in the pecking order right away as compared to later, when the road and journey may take longer. We need you like, you need us. We’re here to compete, we enjoy competition, and we all love Halo.

Nobody can be sure when, if, or even how 343 industries plans to implement a skill raking system with Halo 4. So until then, we offer you a common place where competitive players can be found. Even after implementation, BGA needs more members, so its quite easier to find players who fit the following criteria:

[/li]- Want to win.

  • Have a microphone.
  • Willing to work together.
  • Enjoys communicating.
  • Willing to improve.
  • Enjoys playing.

When and if Halo 4 gets its skill ranking system in match-making, not only will BGA still participate in the competitive scene such as GameBattles and clan matches with other clans, we will also develop systems and days for the clan to wreck havoc on the matchmaking ladders. Its fun now to play matchmaking, we all know it will be more fun, when we have a chance to establish ourselves on the ladders for more than just in-game experience points.

I don’t want to play competitive, I just want to play with people I can get to know.

Perfect! BGA is also right for you. Our clan is one entity that is built on a model that caters to members. What you put in is what you get back out. If you want to have a bigger friends list, that will help you when you want to play matchmaking, we’re here for that too. While the larger focus is on the competitive side of things, we’re not going to ignore the players who are aiming to get better, play better, and perhaps eventually jump into the competitive scene. Check us out, play with us without as large of a commitment and enjoy Halo 4 more.

What do I get for being a member of the BGA?

Great question, you’re getting into a circle of friends that enjoys to play Halo 4 and other games. We work together to win more games so that we can have more fun. Its a very simple concept. What else could you get? We’re running inner clan tournaments for prizes (not just for winners, those who participate often get recognized as well), whether its a BGA t-shirt, Microsoft Points, or other assortments of prizes, we aim to do what we can for members to get the most out of BGA.

Fill out our application that helps us to get to know you a little bit better:

Then show up to two different clan hosted events or practices in your first two weeks, and you will be promoted from recruit to private, on your way to bigger and better things! We all look forward to seeing your progress with the BGA as we help each other be better gamers.

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