Blood Gulch: A Story of Bravery and Survival

I posted this in the creative portion of the forums but I want everybody to see this goofy -Yoink- we made over a decade ago. Copy and paste incoming:

So this community is getting me down lately. To be honest, my experience with Halo 5 is frustrating. I’m dealing with issues, as are many other players, recruit and veterans. But I cannot speak against how solid Guardian’s gameplay is. That is to say, when 343 can hold my connection

But that’s not what I’m here to write/gripe about. Apparently they’re working on the issue… I’m actually here to show you a couple of ancient (like -Yoinking!- 4runner old) -Yoink- Halo animations me and a buddy slapped together real quick.

No production value, just having some fun. Think Halo: Combat Evolved and then our sequel based off Halo 2 models. Oh god, we were so young. Anyways, here’s the links :slight_smile:

Damn, I meant to keep this post lighthearted and I can’t help but complain! Sorry guys, I wish everything worked as well it used to! I don’t want any negativity in here bahahahahshagshabbathuh yeah right.

“Nostalgia is a weapon of war.” ~Description of the Suros Regime

I hate the annoying “Anti-343” bullcrap, but I do… AND I DO… Love the ancient relics of the past… That helped FORGE our community… I cry with joy everytime hearing the Hyabusa noob song, the Killionaire song, and then watching the 'There’s something about halo (CE, 2, 3)" videos. The old RvB videos are the best and arby n chief as well xD

Hah right on, brother! That is much better than saying “first!”