Blood Elites Clan is recruiting Leaders

Blood Elites Clan is looking for people who have eligibility in Leading groups of players.

We are looking for players willing to put time and effort into helping a clan grow and succeed. We need those who have experience not only in Match Making, but Warzone, and Raids who have a small or large history with leading smaller or Larger Groups.
Since we are recruiting for higher ranks, authenticity of your experience will be needed through background checks. (Aka Proof of history via a Recognized Clan)
If you still want eligibility to be a Leading Roll without a Background Check contact me directly to set up meeting with our recruiter.

We are looking for these rolls.

  • Corrections Trainer (Gunnery Sergeant/Staff Sergeants) - Recruiters (Aka Warrant Officers [Most Needed]) - Rank Management/Recruiter (Commanding Officers)Additional Spot may be given

  • Captains - Majors - Lieutenants - Commanders
    Of Course we’re also looking for members to make up the body of our clan. If you’d want to put time into something at a lesser extent we have these positions that will make up the majority of our clan in time.

  • Private Grade 1- PVT1 - Private Grade 2- PVT2 - Private Grade 3- PVT3 - Corporal- CPL0 - Corporal Grade 1- CPL1Team Leader

  • Sergeant- SGT0 - Sergeant Grade 1- SGT1 - Sergeant Grade 2- SGT2Note: We are a Sangheili/Spartan Mix Clan.