Bloo plague clan stuff.

Hello community,
I am solely making this recruitment post in order to find players that are interested in the clan aspect of the spartan company thing.
We currently have 63 members who are generally casual.
The point is to help build for more community activities.
The rank structure and function of the group will be discussed at a later time.
requirements are not strict.

  • 18 years or older - Mic - English (the spartan company is bilingual,but the clan aspect is not.) - be able to obtain at least gold in arena and slayer. - Be up for scheduled games. practices will be in arena or slayer.Please let me know if you’re interested. you can message me on here or xbox live. however, I would rather you message Unsc death 34. He is the one who is building the clan aspect, I am simply the SC leader.
    If you have other questions or are interested in a group, feel free to inquire.
    Feel free to read our bio. Bloo plague
    We do not force aspects on to our members. if your name is on clan rosters, we hold a different standard than just the spartan group.

Clan recruitment post.
clan requirements:

  • Have mic - Be 18 years or older - Be able to obtain gold in both arena and slayer. - Teams are English speaking - Be willing to play scheduled times. - Be willing to do battles and skirmishersUnsc is being very enthusiastic about this so if there are people in the group who are interested, please message him. He has alot of ideas.
    As leader I’ll set a few ground rules.

  • You’re a team, do not bash each other for not doing well. - Practice should be conducted in arena or arena slayer. (swat helps reaction time, but does not help other aspects) - Practice your call outs. in game is not a time to talk clan politics or ideas. - You play to win. - Keep the rage to a minimum, I know it gets frustrating. - Have fun. - This is a big one: do NOT spam non-clan SC members. - Voting shall be conducted in the forums. nothing is official until a poll has be created in the forums. - If a matter needs to be put to a vote, you must bring the topics to me. BluerosevirusThe current rank structure will consist of me leading over multiple teams of 4. We will eventually have 4 teams of 4.

  • Overseer is the commander of all teams and is the only one to declare war. - Captain is in charge of two teams and reports to the overseer. a captain will also be a leadership in the spartan company. - lieutenant is in charge of only his team - Sergeants lead one other team member - corprals are potentially leaders, once proven. - Privates, you’re the fighting force.This may take time to explain in depth.
    So the first things we need to bring to discussion are:

  • Clan colors. - Banner - Motto - ArmourI will post the polls to a link here. The decision stays open till all votes are counted. other wise, we stay default.
    I’ve made this rule to ensure you stay active on way point.

Endrabyss is currently a new clan captain.