Blocky texture glitch in open world

I just bought the Campaign on sale and haven’t played SP in a year. (I used Game pass) when I got out into the open world to Outpost Tremonius my weapon textures along with tons of other textures became potato levels of awful. This is unacceptable. I have messed with my settings for the last couple of hours, even running the game at Ultra settings knowing my PC can’t run that well with those settings at all, and nothing fixed these issues.

I can’t find anything online related to these issues. I tried posting some stuff on the Halo subreddit but they keep removing my posts. What do I do about this?

Someone else last December had the same issue as me, still no solution.

If there still hasn’t been a fix since last year, I would abandon all hope and get a refund as soon as possible. Just wait a little longer, you have already been waiting this long what’s a few more months or another year gonna hurt? You aren’t missing that much anyways. I’m willing to bet Halo: Infinite’s value will continue to decrease and it’ll just keep dropping all the prices as per usual with products that lose value quickly.

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exactly what happens to me since season 2 came out, i stopped playing due to this horrible issue, season 1 was perfect.

Did they fix it yet or nah?