I keep seeing this next to certain armor sets I have, what does it mean?

I’m curious myself.

It’s a bug, but it doesn’t seem to be one that adversely affects customization.

IIRC, those armor sets should still show up ingame, and on the site.

Indeed, nothing has changed but it’s puzzling to say the least

I saw a screenshot of such a thing but I’ve never had it happen to me in game. It seems like it only appears on armour cosmetics though… Curious…

It shows up on mark vi [gen1] and mark vi [gen1 scarred].

If I were to guess, something disagrees with the use of the ""s but what would I know.

I saw this message this morning. It happened after I logged out of one xbox live account and back in with another. It didn’t change anything though so I didn’t think anything of it.

I love using my [gen1] armour but it annoys me every time I see this. Ocd coming out lol

Its a label error in the game. The game is misreading words between as codes instead of the actual armor name.

I have that issue with the Mark VI Chest