Block Feature for Teammates That Don't Play Objective

I’d like to see an in game block feature added for teammates who refuse to play objective in ranked objective based game types. It ruins the experience for those who actually play the objective.

Note: I’m referring to randoms in solo/duo. Not open where I usually play with a four man.

Playing the objective takes many forms.

It’s also the hardest gametype for a lot of players to understand and play efficiently. I can’t blame my teammates who don’t fully understand the meta or for not doing what I expect of them. I’m sure I make a bunch of misplays too that I’m not aware of. If someone is doing something noticeably wrong I’ll call it out on comms and try and explain what I think we need to do. Usually leave people to it but if someone is making really and pushes constantly, charging in solo or generally not playing the ball/moving it into a bad area it’s important to say something to try and win.

I’ve also played with players before on mic who have complained about the way the team was playing objective, when ironically this person was doing something that was hurting the team. They kept grabbing the flag when the enemy team were 3-4 alive and complaining noone else was playing objective. Got to do some slaying first.

I’ve had games where teammates might not pick up the Oddball when I think they should so instead of me picking it up if I’m slaying hard I just use my mic and say, “Someone pick up Oddball, I’m doing well on slays” or “Someone got to pick that up now” when I’m dead. Every time I’ve said it someone has grabbed Oddball. I think sometimes players aren’t registering the situation is optimal to pick up the ball. Hell so many players don’t even understand how to rotate it or when to play it, so it doesn’t surprise me some people aren’t on the top of their game when it comes to knowing when to pick it up and when to drop it. Players who just charge the objective with no strategy or slays are the worst teammates. Or players who never drop the Oddball.

Wouldn’t mind a feature so I can keep people who abandon or grief from being my teammates in future games. Don’t need dead weight for teammates… I’ll take a fresh install over them any day of the week.