Is it just me but i can NEVER find a match in blitz mode ever! I’m on PC and i can never find blitz especially in ranked i sit in que for the longest i really want to play Blitz but i never find a game. Is no one playing on PC because i looked on the leader boards for blitz ranked in PC and there is only 8 people and 5 of them haven’t even finished their placement. WE need cross platform because this is 343 hyped game mode and i cant play it.

Yeah I have the same issues playing Blitz on PC. I think honestly this game on PC has just such a small playerbase… there are multiple reasons and one of them is that no one wants to deal with the Windows Store.

I play only on PC when I am away from my Xbox… And thats only because we have the Play Anywhere option…

But Crossplay would be extremely unfair, the controls on Console work just great but on PC you can move extremely fast on the map by clicking for example the minimap right below.