Blitz, review

I will talk about the good and the bad things
First the controls in xbox one are inconsistent, I try take a specific card from my deck, but I can not
Second loading times are very long, watch spinning the ark becomes boring
Third the covenant needs a buff, in long battles the UNSC takes the victory
Fourth, the framerate does not drop much, but when it does, it is horrible
Fifth, the variety of cards is the best of blitz
Sixth, the power drops are well balanced
Seventh i like the mechanics of the game because it is very fast
Eighth maps are perfect for game mode
Ninth new commanders make the game more varied
Tenth art direction deserves a medal (and a cookie :3)
Eleven the the mac canon is inconsistent, some times does not work
Conclusion 8/10 Needs a good launch pach

I think there’s a feedback thread you can post in!

Here are the three feedback/bug report threads!

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