Blitz Packs are still for sale, just saying

Odd thought that came to me today: why are Blitz packs still for sale?

343 took the Service Records down, will no longer provide support for the game, and generally forgot about Wars 2. And yet the Store still sells Blitz Packs, arguably one of the most meaningless DLC items I’ve ever seen.

Since quite some time ago, Blitz Packs no longer affect 1v1 and 2v2 Blitz, only 3v3 and Blitz Firefight.

So they can’t support the game, but they can keep milking it? Lol. Obviously the actual content DLC should stay up for purchase, I just find it bitter that the overpriced never-ending consumables are also still being sold despite the lack of support. Doesn’t harm me any.

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