Blitz mode question

So I just picked up HW2, and played it during the beta. I have been doing the campaign before i hop online and was wondering if Blitz mode is P2W? It seemed setup for that in the beta with the card packs. I jusy dont want to waste time with it if it is honestly. I already spent $60 for the base game which was questionable for me since most rts games are around $40.

Yes, it is p2w.

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> Yes, it is p2w.

Lame it seemed like a great idea, but buying the packs is stupid they should just be earned. Ill stick with just normal mp then thanks!

You can still get 24 packs per week.

Do your daily challenges and you will get there quickly.

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> Do your daily challenges and you will get there quickly.

So its not really p2w? Is it solely for buying the packs and if i played enough id be just as competitive?

It’s not p2w. You will get Your Packs for free by doing The challenges. If you buy Packs you will Level up Your cards faster. But its not worth it. I Love This game and i Only play blitz. Sure there will be matches Where you will think: Ahh i lost Just because of the card Level. But once you reach rank 30 Your cards are Good enough to beat everone with Your Skill. :slight_smile: Match up with a friend and you will almost beat everybody

Look I put 100 on and dont regret it. But Ivr beaten players who have put 10 -20 times what I have… skill will trump the p2w stats once you get to level 6.

@OP. To be honest if you start playing now you won’t have to “fear” the people who paid but those that started playing before you for example 1 month ago. The big card lvl difference is between 1-6. After that is (from what I hear) slight level up (1% about).
After 700 blitz games I encountered 3 -4 times players with more than 10 lvl cards.
I would say go for it, have patience and eventually you ''ll love this mode.