blitz mode is still bad as ever

I wont lie to u guys I really enjoyed blitz mode when we first got to play the halo wars 2 beta it was probably because it wasn’t pay to win I’m guessing but I just tried blitz mode again recently and wow let me tell u I wont be touching that ever again lol so basically it looks like the meta for it is set up a bunch of Kodiaks at your spawn and once you’ve set up it becomes almost impossible to push… and its not like u can even rush there spawn I tried and its suicide the range on that vehicle is absolutely insane lol sign I guess ill just stick to team war and terminus… I hardly play nowadays but just thought I make this thread to see ur guys views let me know

I have never lost against someone who has used the kodiak tactic… that strategy doesn’t work against good players.
Stay on your side out of range of the kodiaks and only go to the enemy side to get resources.
If you have enough resources and some Kodiaks have been set up, then either run through your opponent’s base with your Hunter / Cyclops army or place kamikaze units between the kodiaks. Problem solved

Anyway, I think with the next patch, the range of the Kodiaks will be reduced.

Having Kodiaks in spawn is an annoying tactic, but it’s not going to guarantee you wins.

Kodiaks are expensive, meaning your opponent’s army will be much smaller than yours, allowing you to control nodes and contest energy much easier. Also, the Kodiaks can only shoot at you when they have vision on you, so don’t take fights when they do. I know it’s easier said than done, but once you learn where they can and cannot hit, it’s not too bad.

Additionally, the Kodiaks aren’t that tough to kill. Blast units, Mines, or simply a bunch of anti vehicle/air units will mop up a Kodiak rather quickly, even when it’s in the base. Again, you’re going to have the bigger army, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

All in all, it’s a silly and annoying mechanic that should be changed, but it’s never going to guarantee a win. I’ve played many, many people trying to do this, and I’ve never lost to it.

Kodiaks being able to attack so far while in base is something that needs to be fixed. I say that because it goes against RTS standard of acceptable counters. It’s very difficult to counter a unit in it’s base that almost insta-heals it.

That said it’s still beatable. Especially since people who use this tactic tend to spam Kodiaks whereby reducing their footprint on control points. Also Kodiaks in base can’t fire all the way to the edges of A&B. SO just stay on the edges.

“BLITZ mode is bad as ever”… you explain this title of your thread with Kodiaks parked at the base, amazing skill you must have dude (Yoda quote).

If a dude can crash you with 120 130 energy costing units at their base and you still cant control the map, perhaps your Blitz skills are as bad as ever?

Blaming a gamemode because of lack of skill is just amazing.

Kodiak and Blisterback Range is getting toned down for this next blitz patch!