Blitz Leader Problems

I have had several problems with the game registering what leader I am using. For example, several days ago I was going for the Sgt Forge challenge, so I selected Forge to be my leader, as well as the deck I had built for him. However, I get into the game, and I am using my built Shipmaster deck (this deck is set as my default/favorite). But, oddly enough, the Forge dialogue still played, and the game registered as me completing it with Forge for the challenge. Fast forward to today, I was trying to get the Decimus challenge, an selected my Decimus built deck. I get into the game, play it through, and all seems normal. The dialogue was Decimus and the deck was my Decimus deck. However I finished the game and the progress didn’t register for the Decimus challenge. I then went into Waypoint and discovered the game registered that match as being completed with the Shipmaster, even though everything else registered correctly as Decimus.

I’m playing on Xbox One.

Another issue, which isn’t quite the same, has just been blitz packs not unlocking. I completed the Anders Challenge today, and leveled up, and neither blitz pack unlocked. I leveled three times today, and only got a pack for the first two, not for the last one, and didn’t get a pack for the Ander’s challenge.