Blitz Beta review

Right so I’ll start this off with saying that I do casually play the games on my pc (SC2, SupCom/FA) and while halo wars 2 does not seem as complex as the other two it is still an enjoyable game.

Now into blitz mode. I like many others have a very deep hate twords pay to win mechanics in games. Now in halo wars 2 there are micros for blitz, this comes as no surprise since we have known about it for a few months now. So far I have had a fairly easy time gaining card packs just by playing which is good as it demonstrates that progression will be relatively fast with either buying or gaining the card packs. However with unit leveling and no current idea the max or how it works it could very well turn out as a pay 2 win gametype (however blitz is the only game mode with micros so it won’t ruin the rest of the game)

Over all blitz mode is a fairly fun game type, just remember the Kodiak and the blister back have siege modes which is their most effective form as it gives you long range artilery. I can’t tell you how many people I saw just leaving them out of siege mode in the 20ish games I have currently played.

Packs come easily for the first few levels, but as you progress it starts to reveal how much of a real grind it’s going to be. I’m already looking at 23,000 XP for my next level up… and at 200xp per win, aside from challenges I won’t be getting any new packs soon.

Not being an RTS fan, I actually found myself enjoying my time so far in the beta (despite not being very good at it). Cards seem easy enough to get through challenges but still wary about this whole pay to win idea. On the plus side this only effects one mode of the game

Im a bit worried about the micro ts as well but outside that I actually found myself rather liking blitz.