Bleeding players

Please go back to the old formula this game is literally bleeding players that are not going to come back and play “when it’s fixed” the population will be sub 20k by the end of the year… Clearly the new f2p module with 0 content, awful to no progression, almost no Playlist selection, broken customs with not even as good of settings as previous games, no pregame or post game lobby, etc. The list of missing items is endless. The peak players to now is already down 100k players just on steam alone. People Wil claim “it’s a beta” but it’s not really lol it releases in 8 days, they are taking your money, and stuff is permanent, it’s not the beta you think it is. They will be lucky to have a player base of 15k (which is pretty much a dead game that is not sustainable cost wise especially with the budget this game had) at its one year date. Who ever was in charge of these decisions needs to retire because this ain’t it chief.


I think you’re misappraising the way live service games work and beta’s in general. It’s changed twice already, and now a third version of battlepass has come out as of this writing. Is this rooted in some specific issue you have?


Lol you clearly didn’t read that a f2p/live service game is not the right thing for halo obviously when 1. Literally no one asked for it
2. Player base halves in a week lol and
3. Clearly it’s got less content than any other launch halo game
But hey if you are happy with little to no modes, selection, settings, etc. And flop it off as a “live service game” then hey you will be one of the last few players in a year. Literally what is killing the player base but alright.

I know how betas work lol… The only change they made was a small one to not have a big impact on income. Literally a game beta test means “A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs”

They are fixated on the progression system and that’s it because it’s the only section of the “beta” that could lose them money. From your definition I am picking up in what you said the game will be in beta for the next 10 years as they add, change, or fix major flaws in the half baked game. When the game comes out on December 8th there will not be a full release of features, items, rank system, play Lita, etc. It will be the exact same game of rubbish with probably a player base half of what it is now again.

Your numbers are wrong.

They aren’t go look at the steam player count thanks! It is probably about the same for Xbox live players

Edit you were right its more than a 100k player drop my bad

  • 132,324 24-hour peak
  • 272,586 all-time peak 15 days ago

To be fair, OP did list out a solid number of things they don’t like. But they were all just the big general issues already being discussed (and imo being overblown, but I’ll admit I’m a very biased Halo fan)

I don’t expect Infinite to stay at launch week player levels, but it definitely seems like it’s going to plateau at levels way higher than MCC and H5 did which is great!


So dramatic, calm down.

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“Bleeding players” is relative. I would call it the post-honeymoon-phase player count, which is truly representative of how well a game is sticking.

For a Halo game, 100K+ isn’t shabby at all. MCC rarely peaks 6K on any given day.


Yeah, I would think MS/343 would be giddy with 100k players between PC & Xbox on a given day.

Guys, you don’t want to look at the steam count right now, the game is bleeding players, badly.