Ok at 1240 pages and all the small threads, if you don’t know about this little code fiasco thing you been under a rock.

My question is who here is to blame, and who is acting rude? Is it 343i, is it xbox, is it the fanbase?

So lets look at company side first.

> Some players that were eligible for the Specializations post-launch offer did not receive their fulfillment email due to having an invalid email address associated with their Xbox LIVE account. We are working to send affected players their codes via the Xbox LIVE Message Center (which is accessible on both web and console). The text will read as follows, and we expect players to start receiving these messages this week. Thank you for your continued patience, and we will provide an update when all messages have been sent.

Now lets look at the player side

> Also, why isnt BS angel or 343 addressing everyone else ? People with invalid email addresses are a fraction of the total people that didnt receive email. What about the rest that did everything correctly ? and why werent they helped first ? The lack of answers and info is mindblowing.

Now tempers have been heated but I want to know, who thinks 343i and xbox are being awesome about this and working to the best of their ability to get the issue resolved.

Who thinks xbox and 343i have failed their fan base on this one and has shifted blame unfairly onto the fan base

Who thinks the fan base is just over reacting

Who thinks the fan base is not reacting enough.

((Why rage and debate in the thread meant to resolve the issue if you can just do it here?))


They never mentioned releasing specializations to non LE buyers and because they did that was nice of them, they had issues getting out the codes so they are trying again directly through our xbox accounts.

I still haven’t gotten my code and I am mad as hell but I am patient because most companies rather than helping their community would rather sell them horse armour.

I have come to the realization that they aren’t doing so hot with their first title and I sympathize. Who knows what it is like to work for Microsoft.

Both side could do way better and both side are already doing there best.
The Comunity is the Comunity and will always be very easy to upset but in the meantime a lot of player don’t get what they are promised to have and it’s frustrating.

In the other hand you have 343i who make a lot but could do better. Is Halo Franchise to overwelming or the Comunity just not Chill’d enough…?

I don’t know
but what I know is:

I have Limited Edition 60$
Now have all Specialisation Unlucked
Max 2981xp per MM games.
" 2981 per SpartanOps games.
The 40$ I saved from limited I bought point for Crimsoms Map Pack
and drinked the last 22$( BlackBull 4.75$ 8% 1L #WIN )

This is MY reality but for others they keep wait for promises or probleme
and it -Blam!- for them.


Both Side do there best and do there worst
Still mind blowing the 30K player up today.

and CoD4(Xbox) have more players in Groundwar then all our objectif game this morning. Depressing…

> 343i made a mistake, and now they’re trying to fix it, even if it is a slow process. The Waypoint community has been absolutely terrible for a long time now, and there are many members who are being unreasonable. Others are reasonable and understand that things take time.
> Criticism is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t devolve into complaining.

Well said. Now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Microsoft the ones offering the promotion? Not 343i?

Yea I am actually confused, on that point as well.

Now I didn’t appreciate the blame being my e-mail account doesn’t work, given the number of e-mails I have received from xbox live.

Well I don’t think it is xbox’s fault, because the power up rewards did award me the microsoft points said they would for playing halo for xyz hours.