BLACKSTAR VALOR is recruiting people and we’re aiming for Achilles helmet and we need about 11 people so if you’re interested message me please

We need people to play warzone to kill the marines mostly

We are a Xbox Live Gaming Community with a main focus on Halo.
BLACKSTAR VALOR has a gameplay styling of both casual and competitive for members. We recently have taken interest in facing other companies in custom matches, to better improve ourselves and for fun.
We communicate using the Discord app on our mobile device. (It is required to join the company) Download DISCORD through your App Store after sending a join request. Simply message for more details.
*please note we already have Achilles Armor and are working toward the Helmet.
We take all kinds, we do ask you have a mic, but if you do not, that’s alright just have an overall way to communicate with the company, primarily using the app mentioned.
BLACKSTAR VALOR Leadership Consists of Core members who are:
Nimbus K Frost - Leader
RaspeyFirefly - 1st LT
SkepticWeasel- 2nd LT
xxstevez - 3rd LT (forge maps)
XDarkElite- 4th LT
We are always looking for active members who play the game!! Message for lobby’s or game nights, or custom matches! Send request if interested in joining!!

<mark>One recruiting thread per clan/company, please.</mark>