Blackring Crow Timeline (fan species)

150,000 BCE: The Blackring Crow’s achieved Tier 2
140,900 BCE: The Blackring Crow’s meet the Forerunners who end up creating an alliance with them
140,800 BCE: The Blackring Crow’s with the help of the Forerunners Achieve Tier 1
120,500 BCE: The Blackring Crow’s living on Forerunner Colonies end up having a civil war against the forerunners due to mistreatment and although they lost the war, they ended up getting the rights that the Forerunners had leading to better equality
100,300 BCE: The Flood-Forerunner War Begins the Blackring Crow’s fight alongside the Forerunners, though the Librarian asked them to back off to allow their survival
100,250 BCE: The Librarian got genetic samples of the Blackring Crow’s incase the ring fired. The bird species were also given knowledge on the Halo’s so that they were aware of their impending doom and rebirth.
100,200 BCE: The Blackring Crows begin working in the war again largely due to lack of manpower to fight the flood
100,100 BCE: Seeing that the Flood were winning the Blackring Crows leave certain monuments to remind the new Blackring Crows of what to do and of their, and the forerunners, existence
100,000 BCE: The Forerunners fire the Halo rings and the Blackring Crows are reseeded back to Geeoto
50,000 BCE: The Blackring Crows begin to build civilization
25,000 BCE: The Blackring Crows discover the reason to their ability to produce Plasma and Fire as a result advances in chemical and medical technologies are made though not enough to warrant Tier 6
20,000 BCE: The Blackring Crow’s have a civil war in 3 sides. The Rights Union who want equal rights, The Xeno Union who want rights to be separated by gender and race, and The Neutral Union who want things to stay normal.
19,980 BCE: The Rights Union decide to use their Chemical Knowledge to create super soldiers as well as using metals to help make better armor causing The Right Union to achieve Tier 6
19,970 BCE: After multiple setbacks The Rights Union creates the first super soldiers and are called Harpy’s
19,960 BCE: The Harpy’s while powerful begin to be pushed back as the Xeno Union begins to use obsidian arrows which cut at the atomic level mean even the very strong armor of Harpy’s wouldn’t stand a chance
19,940 BCE: A deal with the Neutral Union which states that “they won’t be punished for what they did in the war” combined efforts to defeat The Xeno Union causing a win in the war
19,920 BCE: The Nine Tail Feathers are created to act as a set of commandments for the species
19,900 BCE: They meet up with the Calicopes a subtype of Blackring Crows who are given the chance to become part of Blackring Crow society both sides adapt each others beliefs and culture
1000: They achieve Tier 5
2200: They Achieve Tier 4 and begin colonizing their moons
2250: The learn to make Kinetic Energy and weaponize it with Kinetic Wheels
2300: They go into war with a rival species on another planet in their system known as the Mythrel’s
2350: The Blackring Crow’s win the war and the Mythrel’s are sent of to another system in Cryosleep due to them not wanting peace
2400: The discover Slipspace and create a Slipspace Drive which allows them to achieve Tier 3
2500: They discover the Mythrels new planet and fail to negotiate again causing another war though this time the Mythrels have achieved a Tier 1.5 civilization with the help of Forerunner Tech causing them to have multiple colonies and even Dyson swarms
2529: They come into Contact with the UNSC but due to complication of both having wars to deal with the two sides decide to help each other when possible though this was so minor that it didn’t make a difference most of the time
2530: The Blackring Crow’s create the Harpy II Program a program the mimicked the Spartan II’s and the soldiers they created in times of need
2532: The Blackring Crow’s Harpy II’s are fully trained and begin their first mission known as the Ditron Campaign to destroy a Heavily Defended Dyson Swarm at the Myhtrel Colony of Ditron
2536: The Harpy II’s win against the Mythrel’s in Ditron Campaign showing success with the Program
2540: The Harpy II’s begin to be assigned to Reach and other Human Colonies to help make up where Spatan’s can’t be
2545: The Major Campaign begins with the Blackring Crow’s after finding the Myhtrel’s Second biggest colony in terms of military powers Frite
2550: The Blckring Crow’s win against the Mythrel’s in the Major Campaign who end up destroying their second major military power
2552.1: Using data from Frite they go to the Mythrel’s home planet before getting pushed back to installation 04
2552.2: Upon going to installation 04 the book Halo Blackring takes place
2552.2-2552.9: Weren’t involved against the Human-Covenant war from here
2555: Harpy II’s and Wing Soldiers in small amounts began to be deployed to the UNSC Infinity
2556: The Harpy II’s Gen 2 armor is commissioned which allows certain companies and forges to create Harpy II armor. These include Swords of Sanghelios, UNSC, and even Kig-Yar though with high suspicion
2557: Help in numerous small ways in the Requiem Campaign
2559: With the Help of the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios they Beat the Mythrel’s and create a treaty between the two along with official treaties between UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios