BlackBerry Halo Waypoint App? Here You Go!

Hey 343,

I’m a huge Halo fan and have been since day one, however I haven’t touched Halo in a little while now as I’m busy with work, everyday life and all the other games that keep coming out (it’s hard to keep up).

Anyway since E3 is right around the corner I’m starting to get excited for Halo 4 news so I came to check out this site for the first time in quite a while… I noticed at the bottom of the main page there’s something there for the Halo Waypoint App! I clicked the link to check it out and it looks pretty sweet, however I was quite disappointed to find that they support pretty much all platforms except BlackBerry…

What gives 343?! There are many Halo fans out there (like myself) who have BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBooks who would love this app… Why not offer it to everyone?

Now please people, refrain from turning this thread into a Smartphone flame war. No one cares if you think Android is the best or whatever, none of that is important.

Thank you,

Because most Blackberrys don’t have big touch screen, which is what the app is built for.

Ok so because BlackBerry smartphones are available in multiple form factors they won’t develop an app for it? The Torch 9810 and 9860 both offer large touchscreens and there’s the PlayBook too…

Obviously I wouldn’t expect to see it on a Pearl or Curve but on the devices that make sense, why the hell not? It would just mean getting your product out to more people.

There is a small user base with the torch, it would just be a waste of resources for 343.

And the PlayBook? It has an Android player, it would probably only take a few mins to port it over!

Speaking of porting it, I took a few mins and poked around the interwebs and found the .bar file. Someone already ported it over! It’s just sad it wasn’t done in the first place but whatever…

Here’s the link if anyone wants it for their PlayBook:

and here’s instructions on how to sideload if you don’t know how:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Why can’t you just take the current reasoning and accept the fact that it won’t be ported.

It’s easier to cater to one portable device that doesn’t have a hundred different versions of it. While the iPod/iPad etc upgrade overtime and they release new models you can still use the apps on older models regardless, it’s much easier to use the iPod.

If you can’t afford one or don’t want one then the only thing I can say is you’ll have to go without it, sorry but it’s the truth. :I

Also…Blackberry isn’t the best device for…well…anything if you ask me.

> Because most Blackberrys don’t have big touch screen, which is what the app is built for.

This and what a waste of time it would be for 343i to develop for blackberry devices. iOS, WP7 and Android are the main, most popular and best OS’s right now. The app is designed for these devices. The blackberry is getting more and more unpopular as the years go by anyway.

and the answer to your question is…this

Some sort of Halo Waypoint app for my Blackberry Curve would be awesome.

I posted a thread here a while back asking about it but no one from 343i commented and it died after a couple of replies I think.

Blackberry’s are business phones, not ones intended for Apps about gaming, Blackberry are planning on going back to their roots of being strictly business phones, people began to complain there phones were not up to standards compared to the likes of Android & Apple’s phones.

343i wouldn’t waste time, nor resources for an app that will be rarely used on such a phone.

Does anyone even think that RIM is even going to be in business still in 2-3 years? i doubt it. even if they focus on business phones, they don’t stand a chance against the IOS and android phones.

You know what kind of phones my work buys for its employees that require work cell phones? Iphones.