Black screens when loading Warzone Firefight

Getting a lot of unending loading screens while searching for Warzone Firefight. I’ve let a few of them sit to see if they ever load and after 5 minutes or so I figure it’s safe to say the matches fail to load. Only solution is to go to the Dashboard and relaunch the game.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Have not experienced this. The best way to play the game is to wire your xbox. The game is very unstable on wifi.

I have experienced this issue several times. Only in warzone firefight as far as I know. Just keeps on “loading” the match but never does. Seams to happen on the newer maps more. Only solution so far is to quit out the game and restart. And hope you can join back up with your fireteam mid match.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Every time I’m about to play warzone firefight on “attack on sanctum” the background turns black and eventually says “unable to join match”. I have a very stable wired connection and this only happens exactly on this map.