Black Screening during a game in Matchmaking!

I recently been playing Halo Reach but the black screen is getting annoying and is not my end. I come back from a black screen spawning, sometimes falling off the edge or have someone in my face ready to shoot me. It really gets on my nerves that I black screen and that i can end up dead while I am black screened or come back to the other team having the advantage over me due to the darn black screen. Is there anyway to get rid of this black screening problem? It is not my end I have a open NAT it usually is the host of the game. Please take a look into these black screening issues they get annoying! Thank you!

It happens to me even though I have one of the best internet connections out there. I think it’s just a problem with the game, although it happens more often now than before for some reason.

The last few days I have been getting this non stop it gets annoying

All the time in BTB
Love it soooooo much .

Welcome to the world of p2p gaming.

In the last few days, I have noticed a significant amount myself. Kinda sucks =/

Also the host migration.

And at the moment here my xbox can connect to internet but no to xbox live…

Ran into a host booter in Anniversary BTB the other night. Boots half the enemy team before the match and later myself because “I stole his sniper” at the start of the match.