Black screening alone while everyone plays.

Does anyone else get blackscreens where they can still hear everyone and are the only one in the black screen? The game is still continuing like normal but you get a black screen in the middle of a game at random times. first a lag spike then the black screen. Ive been getting one a game atleast. its not my internet because i will be streaming a movie or something and that doesnt lag and it happens even when i disconnect every other internet access to my connection. Any one have any suggestions like what ips or ports i should allow? thank you in advance.

I have this problem a lot and it really pisses me off. Halo 4 is literally the only game where it happens to me this often too.
Sadly, there is no way to change any options without screwing over the connections for the many other devices in our household. I am 100% sure there is something 343 can do about this considering it happens to tons of other players.

that’s your connection (one of the few things 343 can’t mess up) i’d go into your router settings and setup your QoS if i were you