Black Screen

It happens more often than not that in a customs match that someone has a complete black screen and everything has to be restarted and tried again only to maybe witness another possible black screen. It should not be this way, not on a finished product, finished game. Please fix it; it will improve the quality of life for the game!

-Also it is always very laggy in the very beginning of every single match, including matches online.

With the frequency it happens (between 10-15% of all spectator games), this should be classified as gamebreaking.

If I hosted a bigger tournament, what would I say? Please wait 15 minutes while I hype up the match in the loading screen and it ends up showing the game in a broken state 3 times in a row?

Yeah, it is unacceptable as a self-respecting content creator.

It’s extremely unpleasant beyond belief, please fix this because it’s embarrassing for 343.

Its so annoying and feels so amateuristic , unreal