Black Screen since recent update

I just updated Halo Wars 2. The update was about 1.3 gb. After the start up intro cinematic, my screen goes black. There is still audio.

I can add a link to a video of the issue happening, but I don’t know if that is against forum rules.

UPDATE: I opened the game from the Microsoft Game Hub, instead of my task bar pin and it loaded up properly. I wonder if big updates, make the pin path obsolete…? Anyways, if anyone has a similar issue, give this a shot.

Good luck out there, Spartans.

I’m having the same issue, all I can see (after the studio logo videos, which play correctly) is the mouse cursor and I can hear the music in the background. Unfortunately your suggestion to launch via the game hub didn’t work for me. I have tried the Xbox app recently played section, the Xbox app game hub for Halo Wars 2, the pins menu in Start, the Start menu app list and the Windows Store page.

Not sure if this is related, but no matter where I launch from it switches to launching the “Halo” app and I have to select to launch the actual game from there.

Any suggestions?

I have a similar problem but the cinematics just don’t even play. Hoping they can fix this soon because I refuse to play the campaign without cinematics.

the blackscreen after the splashscreen is a bug or sideeffect, as it’s stated in the patchnotes in bold.

you have to wait for 20-40 seconds until it starts for 1-2 seconds with the loading screen.
then you can play, but you have to restart the game after each match, because it will crash after it. (it counts for dailys and co, as lon as you can see the gameOver-screen)

Thanks for the info guys. The black screen isn’t an issue anymore, as you stated, it still loads.

Now I deal with random crashes. :’(
I’ve had two in game crashes and the rest were at the end. Still got the quest credit though.