Black screen on warzone

So i just got home and decided to start up a warzone match. When it found a game the screen went black, and now I have no picture. I have all the sounds and the game is clearly runing. I can hear gun shooting and plamer saying things, as well as other players playing. Having no picture Means I can alos not quit or do anything, im basicaly screwed. I decided to wait it out and see if it fixes it self, but it didnt, instead i got booted deu to inactivety.

Is stuff like this a problem for other people? Are there any quick fixes besaids dashboard quiting? And last but not least, dose this afect my record or gamertag in any way! Becuase this is not my fault or internets fault, its the game and server so I rather not get banned ft at all posianle. This balck screen thing has only happened one time and I hope it never hapens again.

I’ve had this happen numerous times… and probably 5 times the last couple days. Only thing that I’ve found to fix it is going to the dashboard and restarting the game.

Hey 343i, this is probably something that should be looked into… I’ve seen other sites with people complaining about the same problem. So I’m guessing it’s a widespread issue.

12th December, I had this same issue when joining a Warzone game that was already in session.
I would just quit Halo 5, but I have a Legendary REQ Card in use for finishing a game, so I’m just going to hide and hope the enemy doesn’t see me. 343, FIX THIS.

UPDATE: I survived, but lost the match. The ending cut scene played normally after the scores, what I think, where displayed. And after watching Theater, I was hiding in one of the pelican drop zones.

I ran into a similar issue just a few minutes ago playing social shotty snipes. The only thing that my screen showed was the HUD and friendly tags. The rest of the screen was completely black. And likewise I heard all the shooting and regular game noises and I accidently hit the strafe button and it made the noise and my aiming ritual moved.if I hit the start button to open up setting or to quit then everything would go back to normal. 343 needs to figure that out cause I don’t want t9 get banded for something I didn’t have anything to do with.