Black Screen Just Before I Get to the Title Screen

I play on the Steam version for PC, FYI. Whenever I launch the game, just after the 343 Logo, my screen always goes black and my pointer and steam overlay popup get frozen. I used to only own Halo: Reach and none of the other MCC games, and never had this issue. But as soon as I installed Halo: CE, 2, and 3 I suddenly started having this problem the next day. I tried relaunching, reinstalling, alt-entering, alt-tabbing, restarting my PC, waiting a couple minutes, and none of it worked. I could only temporarily fix it by deleting the MCC folder in my appdata folder, but every time I do this it resets all of my settings and every few times I launch the game I just get the black screen again.

Edit: I found that deleting Halo 2 Multiplayer seems to fix the issue and this hasn’t happened to me again so far. Still I would like to find a different solution so I can still actually play Halo 2.