Black-Screen Crash on PC

I’ve seen a few posts about the Halo Wars 2 crashing like this on PC. Now that its becoming a problem for myself, and the last significant post about this issue was a year ago, I figured that I might as well post about it again.

Please 343, is there anything that you or I could do to fix this issue? I just want to play the game, but this is some seriously aggravating -Yoink-. I can’t finish the campaign because it crashes. I can’t get far at all in a multiplayer game because it crashes. And firefight, if i get passed the 10th wave, it crashes.

When the game is running, it runs fine. I keep my task-manager up on the side so i can take note what what might be causing the problem, and theres not even a spike of anything when it does crash. I’m seriously confused, and just want this problem to go away. Not even go away, but if i can get 15 more minutes of gameplay that’d be cool.