Black Phoenix Recruiting

Black Phoenix is a Halo 4 clan that is mostly competitive. There is a militaristic type leader ship with ranking and positions of command. We are looking for 20-30 people, enough to make a Battalion of troops. To rank up in the clan you will have to be a good player and participate in clan activities.


14 & Older
Team Player
Active on Xbox Live
K/D ratio of .80 or higher
Able to listen to orders
Will be required to go against the Main Recruiter (That Finnish Gu) and if you get a certain amount of kills then you will be accepted into the clan and given a place in the clan.
Also an obstacle course(Optional) and shooting range (with moving targets) will be in the recruitment process.

For more information on joining the clan message
Jeremama21 (Commander, 1st in command)
That Finnish Gu (Commandant, 2nd in command, Main Recruiter)
Send a friend request to BPX CLAN. It is the profile that has all our members on it.