Black Ops 3 vs Halo 5

It scares me that we live in a video game world where the newest Call of Duty game is more fun, has more content (even before the season pass, which warrants it’s price tag) and is just honestly a better overall package. They had the same time frame as 343 did (3 years) and Treyarch comes up with a complete game, I don’t get what 343 is doing. If you would have told me that I’d much rather play Black Ops Zombies over the new Halo game, I would have laughed until I threw up, but it somehow ended up being true. 343 still gets another buy out of me simply because of how much I loved and adored Halo 4’s story, but I can only hold onto that for so long. Halo is a AAA Blockbuster franchise that used to outshine Call of Duty in everything (sales, game play, STORY), I wonder if we’ll ever get back to that.


Comparison threads always end badly, so we’re locking this. They may start with good intentions, but go off the rails immediately. This thread in particular is pretty chock full of flame bait. Sorry, hope you understand.