Black Ops 3 Has Much Better Graphics Than Halo 5

I got Black Ops 3 from the Library for PS4, I wanted to try it out to see if I liked it. I tried the PC version before which obviously has far superior graphics to Halo 5 and BO3 on PS4 but I didn’t like it, COD feels like a game that should be a console shooter, feels weird playing it on PC and the PC version was loaded with hackers and not all playlists were even populated, I liked Halo 5 better.

Anyway, now that I am playing BO3 on PS4, I don’t know which I like better, it is so close and almost even, both games feel equally as enjoyable to play but I think I enjoy BO3 more, not for gameplay, in terms of gameplay, both games are equally enjoyable but what makes BO3 better is the graphics!

Halo 5 graphics just look messy by comparison! The Dynamic resolution really makes it look horrible, the textures are not as smooth, bad anti analising. Halo 5 is really in need of a graphical update, I don’t care if it goes below 60fps, they need to optimize it better and make it look better. I would sacrifice FPS for better graphics, especially for a console shooter since everyone would be getting that FPS anyway. Another aspect that makes Halo look bad is the Forge maps, I like Forge maps but what is horrible about is is the buildings look like plain minecraft blocks, it looks very bad. They need to update forge and the forge maps, make the structures look realistic so the map actually looks real instead of the horrible looking plain Forge block buildings. They should have a set of different building palettes to choose from, like 10 different building palletes that all look different and have their own interior details/colors.

Well then you can go play blops 3
Edit: sure the graphics are meh compared to mcc but we just have to deal with it.

I’ve played both, and I like the Halo 5 graphics much better. Everything in halo feels like it is in the future. All the armors are fairly unique, as is the weapons and vehicles. The campaign and multiplayer map designs and atmosphere is damn near perfect. And no to mention the amazing cinematics!

Okay, enjoy BLOPS3 then. :slight_smile: