Black Op Veterans Spartan Recruiting

Black Op Veterans

We are trying to get a group together for 4 man teams, or more for Warzone! We have been playing since the original Halo, and always matched up against the MLG group back in the Halo 2 days ( if you got heavy into Halo back then, you know who there team consisted of).
I am a U.S. Army Sergeant veteran, 15 months in Iraq, and would like if we could get other veterans into our group. We have been threw hell and back, and the real struggle is adjusting back into the civilian life style. I am part of the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT and can help anyone in the grind.
You have to find a passion, or hobby, for meā€¦its cars! Enjoy racing my 662 rwhp 2014 Mustang GT.
I am not here to preach, but would much rather invite players of all kinds to come and join Black Op Veterans! Weather you are young, old, active duty military, veteran, civilian, lazy, fitness nut, new to Halo, or remember that first headshot from the scoped magnum in the original Halo from across the map.
- If you are interested in joining, please send a message to LVN LeGeND42o
- All I ask is respect for each other member, and a mature audience please.

  • We have just started the group for Halo 5, so the sooner you join, the more matches you shall attend.
  • Good sportsmanship please, we have a spot for anyone and everyone!
  • Thank you for your time.

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Come on in and acquire that REQ PACK!