Black October Clan is recruiting!!!!

Black October is a multi-platform clan that supports both PS3 and Xbox 360. Founded on October 10, 2010, as a PS3 clan. Black October was created to bring like minded gamers together. Gamers in search for more then just a clan. But a brotherhood. Black October has recently added the Xbox 360 Branch and is actively recruiting. Black October uses a combination of teamwork and communication to ensure victory. We do insist on a certain level of maturity so there is an age limit. Gamers interested in joining Black October must be atleast 16 years old. And you must have a mic. We do support Game Battles for those interested in tournements.

The PS3 Branch supports CoD: Black Ops, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Killzone 3, and SOCOM 4.
The Xbox 360 Branch has recently been opened and as of now only supports CoD: Black Ops and Halo Reach.

If you have any questions, send me a message via Xbox Live. My gamertag is ZombieSlayer388. Or send me an email at

Visit Black October at our website, Black October Clan - Current Stats and register today.

See you on the virtual battlefield.

Xbox 360 Branch CO
Black October-Rise of A New Dawn

If you have any questions you can also send a message to SouthernCross09 on Xbox Live.