Black Narcissus Recruitment: Casual Players Wanted

So ten years ago a few friends and I were going to make a Halo 2 clan call “Black Narcissus”. It never happened, but in memory of that I have created a Spartan Company with the name.

The aim is to play Halo for fun; no trash talking, no flaming. We always respect every player on the field, regardless of ability or performance. This Company doesn’t require you to actually do anything. We aren’t competitive. We don’t expect you to meet up for matches. However if we get 100 people who are like minded it could be a good way of easily joining up with people who aren’t devoted to “skill” or K/D spreads. We’re here for fun, and to get you a free REQ pack.

If you think you fit the bill just sign below and get an invite to you ASAP.