Black History Month is to Celebrate Native Black Americans Not Pan Africa

Black History month was started by Carter G. Woodson to celebrate African American contributions in America, it has nothing to do with Africa and black people around the world. Please remove the Pan Africa emblem and replace it with the Black Heritage Flag colors described in the link below.


Anyone wanna make bets to how soon this post gets taken down?


Hey, come on man. Give them a break. They’re trying to pander and since they’re a small indie studio that don’t have time to do research or anything like that.

Right now they’ve gotta prioritize getting cat ears back in the shop.


I honestly wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for the information.


I’m just glad 343 didn’t make it something similar to an insurrectionist symbol like they did for MCC.

They really had an opportunity to make a jar of peanut butter weapon charm and they didn’t take it

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Nice info. every day I learn something.


My bad, thought OP was doing thing. Did not realize this was an in game thing

They have no clue what they’re doing.

I mean, I wasn’t going to be the one to bring it up but, exactly


That is actually really interesting to learn, but I do find it funny no one outside the US cares about this holiday. We just call it history.


I would put that on everything

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to think that black history has nothing to do with Africa must be the most American statement I ever heard, where do you think they all come from?


bro this post, oh my god


Did you even read OP’s post?


yes, I read his statement and disagree, Africa is a key ingredient in there being a black history month ( or as the rest of the world call it, History )

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America is the key ingredient to there being a black history month, if you read his post lmao


Pan Africa is a global movement to unite people of African descent under a belief of having common interests and goals.

Black History Month is only an American thing.

The whole world isn’t the USA, but people of African descent are found around the globe. Halo Infinite is also not exclusive to the USA.

Interesting hot take to choose to be exclusive instead of being inclusive.


So can we just not have American traditions in games now or are people across the globe going to be offended that it’s not their countries traditions.

Yes, we should not have American holidays in games, so I don’t have to see Americans complaining that there’s no 4th of July and Thanksgiving events in global games ever again

Things like Valentines, Christmas, and New Years celebrations are relatively global