BLACK FROST looking for players!!!

Looking for players who want to go for Achilles armor and who play regularly and often. Competitive and casual welcome. Please message me on xbox or here on waypoint!!! Don’t wait!!!
About: casual but with a competitive drive, winning games is great but you can learn from your loss


Hello again. Long story short - I am with another spartan company called War Wolves. However, ever since I joined them - idk - they never really seemed to do what the bio of the clan was for or at least never got together and for most part I’ve been solo almost all of Halo 5. If I join you - will we all play when were available or is this a solo group as well? I understand teams are hard to form and well I understand no one can force others to do what they don’t want to do. Needless to say, If I join you will we play or just be 7 members soloing on random Warzone and Arena?
Your answer will determine to join you or not. Thanks for understanding. :wink:

I forgot to mention. Any rules for the team? Mandatory chat group or just join in and play together?
Thanks again for the invite.

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