Bits not capping the flag

I don’t really know what i am doing wrong. I am working on a flag game type on my map and the bots just grab the flag and run it back the flag cap but just crouch before capturing it.

Can someone tell me why they are doing this?

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Nothing. Its unfortunately the way things are right now. Bots seem to be incapable of capturing the flag.
I was trying to make it work by increasing the capture radius on the capture plate, and it still didn’t work. Although when the bot FINALLY dropped the flag it got captured. Maybe you can write a script that make them drop the flag when they get within range?

Yeah, I’ll have to try that. Thanks for letting me know and the suggestion!

I think that might be bit of an exaggeration.

I know what the OP is experiencing, and I have experienced the same issue…but not every time.

I have playtested my “map-in-question” a hundred times, and the bots cap flags a LOT. I know this because I usually use Spartan Bots, and they usually win…and they can only win by capping flags.

But I have seen the issue where the bot carries the flag all the way up to the flag, and then just kneels down right in front of the flag…it’s very frustrating.
The bot behavior seems to be mimicking what a human player might do if they bring the enemy flag all the way home, but our flag is “away”…kneel down by the capture plate, try to be inconspicuous, and wait for our flag to be returned by heroic teammates…
But that’s not what’s happening…they often do it when the home team flag is right there, and there is no reason not to cap it…

I am just assuming 343i know about it and will patch it in an upcoming update. [huffs hopium]

I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time messing around with the bot AI. Sometimes, no matter how logical the logic you create for them is, they goof on objective modes lol probably goes without saying but have you made sure their pathing is clear to you objective point and all that?