Birth of a Spartan

Hey guys! Some of you may remember my piano cover of Ashes I posted way back in April. Well, I’ve been working on a new, more classic song cover since then. Unfortunately, that one isn’t quite ready to be recorded yet, but in the mean time, I’ve worked on a cover of the background music from one of Reach’s live action trailers, Birth of a Spartan. Here’s the link:

Birth of a Spartan

Be sure to leave any feedback you wish to share here or in the comments section below the video!


That’s really cool! I’m jealous! I would love to cover halo songs, but most of them are piano songs! (Guitar player here)

I really enjoyed it. This is coming from someone who knows nothing about piano, mind :stuck_out_tongue:

And I gave you a thumbs up for the Halo 4 bit at the end. I love that little piece. It’s so haunting yet beautiful.

Awesome! I give it the thumbs up!

Loved it!

Nice song, I think it would be best used as like a space station theme or something, and Master Chief is looking .out the station window and then walks to a longsword or pelican or something to prepare for battle.

> That’s really cool! I’m jealous! I would love to cover halo songs, but most of them are piano songs! (Guitar player here)

Hey, in my opinion the best Halo song ever so far is the MJOLNIR Mix from Halo 2, and that song was centered around the electric guitar.

Hey, thanks for watching it and giving feedback guys. I appreciate it.

I’m trying to get BS Angel to notice this thread. She told me to tell her when I posted a new cover lol :slight_smile:

Am I allowed to bump?

dude, thats freakin awesome!

A very excellent cover, good sir.

Pure Awesome!

Coming from another who knows nothing about the piano but this cover kicks -Yoink-! Thank you for your hard work!

I contacted Human Worldwide to see about obtaining the original and it isn’t for sale. Hopefully -Yoink!- will release this short master piece in the near future!

Keep fraggin’.

i loved it. what other halo things have you played on the piano.

Nice, that sounds amazing. :slight_smile:

Awesome job bro. For doing that you should be able to meet Marty.

Maybe we should start a petition…

Amazing… Bought a tear to my eye…

I loved Reach, it was so moving, the death of each Spartan was heartbreaking and then that last mission, survive, I swear it got me so emotional. There where so many messed up moments in Reach, from seeing building crumble, to civilan vessels being shot out of the sky, people fighting for the lives, Reach felt so desprate…Depressed me for like 3 weeks after completing it. It was not just a game you play and then put down, it was an experience, one that stayed with me. Listening to that Piano solo bought all that back for me.

That is the only thing I’m slightly concerned with, with regards to the new series 343 is embarking upon.

All the other Halo games have had an epic si-fi feel, but never have I felt that I’ve got alot riding on this, my life and the life of my planet is on the line here, except for Halo - Reach.

I have a lot of faith in 343, like us their fans, very devout fans, I hope someone out there see’s where I’m coming from.

Thanks to everyone who’s viewed or left feedback. I greatly appreciate it. As I told BS Angel, I have another cover set to come out soon that I think a lot of people will enjoy. Stay tuned, and thanks again everyone!

That was pretty awesome dude, I finally listened to it and I prefer it to Ashes, I believe.

Looking forward to your next one : )

Ahhh CSB you’re here too? That just made this forum that much better.

Oh, I might pop around a bit : )

I’m interested to see what happens with bloom after this title update, for one, and your video was a good reason to be here in the first place : )