Bird of Prey will not unlock for me


I’m having some trouble getting the Bird of Prey achievement. I’ve met the requirements but it will not unlock for me. I would direct you to this game here:

You can see that I got 6 airsassination medals but I did not get the achievement.

I would also direct you to this game here:

That is one of my alternate accounts. I airsassinated my primary account with my alternate account and the achievement unlocked for my alternate account. I then turned around and tried to airsassinate my alternate account with my primary account but the achievement still didn’t unlock. There is something wrong with the achievement that does not allow my “OcR Vector” account to unlock it.

It is known that this achievement can be unlocked in custom games. However, I’ve tried this in custom games as well as regular matchmaking to no avail. I’ve heard a lot of other stories of people meeting the requirements of an achievement and not getting it. I want to bring this to your attention so that hopefully it can be addressed in the upcoming title update.

I really do enjoy this game and it is going to be incredibly frustrating if I can’t get 100% of the achievements.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

This isn’t a bump, I just wanted to add a little more troubleshooting information to this post. These are some of the steps I took in attempting get the achievement, none of which worked.

1: Deleted Halo 4 installation from hard drive
2: Deleted Halo 4 user profile\save game data hard drive
3. Deleted Halo 4 game data from hard drive
4. Deleted Champions bundle DLC
5. Deleted all DLC, except majestic
6. Deleted all DLC, re-downloaded only majestic.
7. Deleted all DLC, re-downloaded all DLC
8. Deleted and re-downloaded title update.

After each of these steps, I attempted to get the achievement in a custom game. However, this was unsuccessful. I don’t think there is anything else I can do to fix the issue on my end.

Is 343 aware of this issue? Will it be addressed in a future title update? There are a lot of posts in this support forum on the issue of achievements not unlocking.

Thank you for your time.

As a quick update to this, I tried to get the achievement again after the title update today but it still did not unlock.


Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We are currently investigating the unlocking of this achievement.

Thanks @ the forum team for this post.

I would like to point out that there are still other achievements which are not unlocking, even if you do the correct requirements.

I’d refer to one of my posts in this forum:

The list of broken achievements is the following:

  • I SEE YOU!


Thanks for passing that along!