Binding Coatings to Specific Armor Cores is Sad

When the coatings were announced I definitely wasn’t happy. All of those free colors that you could use and mix at will were being tossed to the wind (“player expression” :wink: ). When the technical preview came out I felt a bit better. I wasn’t completely pleased but a decent array of free colors and some interesting new ones in the BP that would add up over time didn’t feel like the end of the world…

Until I boot up the “beta.” Who on earth decided to lock armor coatings to specific armor cores? It’s bad enough that you got rid of all the classic color customization but now the coatings I earn might not even work across different armor cores? Why?! (I mean, I know why :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: ) If there is a color I like but it’s not on the core I use am I just screwed forever?


Yep, pretty much. Unless we make a huge ruckus and tell them to fix their shit.


Its definitely a terrible idea to seperate them by cores. Cant believe they thought this was ok


Also the hcs coatings only being allowed on that one “armor kit” you cant change your shoulders or chest pieces without the game removing the coating completely because it’s an “armor kit” I’m upset about that.