How fun would this be.
Binary Snipers
No Radar

i would ~enjoy~ a gametype with those parameters

Binary slayer is coming

I seriously like this idea, Might be a stalemate to see which team zooms in first to give away their position, But other than that I like it

We already have it. It’s called SWAT.

Now if you want this to be like splockets, where jetpacks abound, then I’m onboard.

By the way,


I’d play the hell out of that.

Or a basketball variant.


They already did Binary Slayer.

But they boosted player speed, lowered the gravity, made AA’s unlimited and apparently gave everyone a Sword secondary weapon.

I hope you’re not trying to make this out to be something YOU thought of, because it’s on the Waypoint Blog for everyone to see.

I didnt think of this i read this and I want it on the next playlist update, cuz it sounds very fun.

Great Idea. there are a lot of games types like this that can be fun, like shotguns only.

I’ll be the first to say that sounds terrible.

it would be funny to see all these orange lines wizzing through the map…

Sounds good to me


So everyone will camp with a 1SK weapon which takes no skill on BTB maps.

Sounds like so much fun

There are a lot of gametypes to add and bring back.

This should NEVER be in matchmaking…EVER!

This sounds like it could be a fun gametype in customs only.

Until we get our Action Sack playlist back, this should never be in matchmaking. On that note, I highly doubt Action Sack will ever return. 343 took it out of Reach and limited the custom games options, so they obviously don’t care for Action Sack.

When Team Snipers comes back, I wouldn’t mind seeing this as a game type thrown in randomly that can be voted for.

It would be pretty cool. Also, Shotty Snipers should make a return.

I could see it fit into the SWAT playlist.

Just Binary Rifles would be a bit boring, I think. Maybe “Promethean Slayer”, where every weapon on the map and loadouts are Forerunner?