Binary Rifle help required.

Hey guys I’ve been trying to get the Believe stance for quite a while. I’ve already mastered the Scattershot and I’m almost done with the incineration cannon, so far no problem with both of these weapons. But my main problem is the Binary Rifle because it doesn’t spawn too often around the map and chances of getting it via ordnance are pretty small, can you guys give me a few tips on how and what should I play to get it more often?
I need around 200 kills with it and average 6 kills when I get it.


if you play on ragnarok it spawns on the map. also in my experience if i get my first ordinance just with the sniper rifle im much more likely to get the binary rifle in the drop. and a good tip for getting more kills with it is using either a sniper scope or primary precision weapon scope to find enemies then switch and quickly zoom to get the kill. hope this helps and good luck. Believe is my fav stance of the bunch.

Play Dominion on Meltdown or Vortex. Resupplies frequently have them in those two maps.

Look for the binary to spawn about halfway through a Ragnarok game, even if it isn’t marked on your HUD. You may already know, but weapon drops aren’t marked for a period after they appear. The binary is easy to spot though because of its sheer size.

On a map like Ragnarok, I try to never zoom in with the binary without an intent to take a shot within a half second or so due to the beam while it emits while scoped. I scope with my DMR to find targets not easily visible without zoom, and then after I spot someone, switch to binary and take the shot.

On smaller maps where you may get a binary as ordnance, try teaming it with Promethean Vision to give yourself more time to line up shots. There is no need to always use Promethean Vision for all of your matches, just make a class with Promethean on it and once you see a binary in your ordnance, wait until you die, switch to the Promethean class, and then call in your binary.

Finally, another armor ability that may help is one that you receive from a specialization called Tracker. It allows you to re-roll your ordnance options when you receive them, giving you more chances to receive the binary. I didn’t check to see how far in level you are, but if its a possibility for you, it may be worth your time to investigate.

Good luck!

Thank you all for this tips. I will put them into practice later today!

Dominion on Vortex or Meltdown.


Advice for using? Don’t point it over an enemies cover. People aren’t freaking stupid. Aim for covers that give you line of sight on your target, but so they cannot see the beam. Treat it like an always charged Spartan Laser, and just sweep when a target pops out. That way you remove the only negative factor of the rifle (the fact that you are projecting your presence to the opponent when aiming around their general direction). Other than that, ammo spec is there for a reason, more bullets is more bullets.

Advice for getting? Dominion Vortex grants them regularly, if you can dig into a good position and pin your opponents in the central base (in which case, aim for the walls of the base and just aim onto them as they enter LoS), it’s a shooting gallery on either end (although the shield door has a tendency to block your shots. CTF Valhalla is perhaps a better bet though, the central ridge means that (if you can aim at a small target popping their heads up around/over a ridge) the enemy won’t know where your aiming until AFTER you can fire upon them. If you can get a good offensive going at the start, you can force your opponents into an offensive later, when the rifle will be available and most effective.

When playing on Ragna two of them spawn. One can spawn at Red Teams base by the rock cave in the water, the other at blue base just before shotgun cave on the left. When they spawn is a matter of randomness.

> Play Dominion on Meltdown or Vortex. Resupplies frequently have them in those two maps.

Best way That I know of…