"Binary" Rendition of Master Chief

As a part of my Computer Science course in High School, we were given an assignment over Thanksgiving Break to create an image (hand drawn, I know it’s weird) based on a binary system. We were told to make the drawing “creative, detailed, show effort was put into it, and not simplistic”, among other criteria. In the spirit of Halo’s 15th Anniversary, I decided to recreate the Mark VI helmet for my assignment. It’s due tomorrow, and I’ll edit in how it was received once I get it back. Enjoy.

Be warned, I really suck at drawing, so it is kinda sloppy.

Very nice work! I would say my only suggestion is to move the number 7 one column over to the left to keep it symmetrical with the other numbers.

I’ll be interested in what your class has to say!

Yeah, I’m going to echo what zeno64 said, and suggest that the 7 be moved to the left so it fits better with the other numbers. Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good.

And at least you got to do something fun(-ish) for a Thanksgiving assignment. I had to work on an Art history and periodic table presentation. And read Go Set a Watchman.

So what purpose serves the first link?
Also you could fill the fields a little bit better,too much withe.

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> So what purpose serves the first link?

Humor. Having a school assignment over thanksgiving isn’t crowd appealing.

Excellent work!