needs your Creativity!

That’s right folks! is back and needs your help!


We want a fresh, clean, sleek new look (think web 2.0) with the colors
you can do a variation of the site name or abbreviation or BTB
Up to Five (5) entries per person.
We will be asking the winner to help us further with our other projects as well!


All entries must be submitted by 12am EST December 14th, 2012
Winner will be announced on the BTBtv show Saturday, Dec 15th which airs at 10pm EST on
The winner will receive recognition and promotion including a special award on the site
1600 Microsoft Points
30 games of double XP
So put your artsy pants on and become the creator of the new face of!
If you feel you have something that isn’t exactly as described, please post it if you think we’d love it if we saw it.
Send your entries to TsengMao x MT or Vanirfreyja at
or to @TsengMao or @Vanirfreyja on Twitter

I’m not artistic in the literal sense.

However, This is a cool idea to get the community involved. I’ll direct a few friends who did graphics for me this way.

Thanked for the post.