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My name is Molly and I’m the owner of, a site dedicated to players that specialize in and love big team battle in the Halo franchise. All the top North American teams and most of the top players and free agents are represented and registered on our site to network and discuss on our forums and participate in our competitive league - with more joining every day.

Combined, the players registered on our site literally have far more than a million games played across the Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Reach Big Team Battle with an amazing amount of man-hours poured into the game; as this is typed the total is representative of approximately 25 years spent playing BTB across just Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

Included in our numbers are BTB veterans with multiple years played together as organized teams across multiple Halo games; up and coming teams that are increasing the level of competition; players skilled enough to be topping almost every leaderboard and playlist; an ex-MLG pro coach and current MLG employee; gaming video producers; known forgers with maps currently in Matchmaking circulation in both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach; well known community leaders from strong and stable communities; aspiring and independent game developers, testers and programmers; and organizers and staff from most main Halo community sites.

With the current state of MM BTB and the even more casual direction it seems to be taking with the introduction of Heavies, I want to request consideration for a Community Playlist such as “MLG” or “Grifball”.

I believe the following factors are key elements for the playlist:

  • Competitive Player Settings
    -85% or Zero Bloom
    -DMR/AR currently with Sprint as only Loadout
    -AAs as map pickups only
    -Increased player movement (currently 110% speed, 110% jump height, and 150% gravity)
  • Maps and Gametype combinations that have been competitively tested and scrimmed on by full teams.
  • Similar party size matching if available with parties of 5 or more first matching each other.

Thank you for reading my request and I urge you to please seriously consider it. I’d be happy to discuss it further with you and show what we can bring to the table.


Not to mention with the removal of Squad Slayer it would be nice to have a playlist where you can match parties. This has been especially problematic in BTB for a very long time.

At this point in time I’d be in full support of this idea. I’d have liked for the BTB community to have managed to establish itself a little better before taking this step, but right now I think it could work out. We’ve had a site for over a year, have a functional ladder and teambuilding system, and are halfway through our first season with very few mis steps for such a new venture.

I think that we’ll only continue to grow from this point.

Agreed! I hope this goes through if they change and combine other playlists to avoid further population problems.

Yea we need this

This would be a brilliant idea.


Great idea im all for this …

343 you need to look in to putting this playlist into MM …

With the removal of squad slayer this would give teams a place to match against other teams while reducing the odds of teams made up mostly of individuals being spawn killed by parties. I would be happy with this being run as a trial playlist between matchmaking updates as my biggest concern is low population numbers as I’m not sure if Reach can support this playlist regardless of how much I’ll love to see it.

This would be a great addition to Reach!

we definitely need that playlist!!!
With all dlc would be crazy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d definitely support this.

Indeed. As a huge fan of Big Team Battle, I want the most competitive form of Big Team in matchmaking. Sadly, the current playlist just doesn’t live up to competitive hype. This would be a great addition.

This sounds AWESOME! This could be a step up for my team! MLG style BTB… just the sound of it…

This would be great.

Whenever I search big team now all I match are teams of randoms where I can just put my controller down and fall asleep and it won’t even matter.


Sooooooooo true you can make dinner / do the dish’s ,
the other team will just quit any way…

This would be cool.

Or it could just replace BTB.

> ^^^^^^^^^^^
> Sooooooooo true you can make dinner / do the dish’s ,
> the other team will just quit any way…

^^^^ I laughed pretty hard.


Remove everything from BTB and replace it with maps and gametypes. You know, the ones that are actually thought through and are balanced.

> Or it could just replace BTB.

I would support this but I know how mad a whole lot of people would get if they were forced to play this instead of normal BTB.

if they kept regular btb, then there would be a lot less people complaining about running into full parties that spawn kill them or hold the objective. since we would all be in’s playlist trying to play other full teams.