Biggest Nail to Halo's inevitable coffin

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Despite that inevitable fact that in at-least 2 minutes from now that there will be a 50/50 chance of either being told to kill myself by some reclusive fanboy or have my account will be barred by 343 until a time of which the franchise will be dead and buried regardless. I feel as though it needs to be said the game is far from what it used to be and of course in saying that, I have come to realize the eventuality that I will be subject to hear from the general forum populace, the odd homophobic slur followed by the word’s “it’s innovation”. Now that I’ve provided some groundwork for the comment section and seeing as though that’s behind us, lets begin to use the word everyone loves to use so much when discussing Halo 5, “Innovation”, a word known to everyone with access to a dictionary or a web browser that it is the process of making something new, and truth be told, nothing in the gaming industry has been new for a long time, with developers quick to join the proverbial conga-line each year dancing to the same moves with a different beat that drives it. It’s like painting the Mona-Lisa with neon colors, line from line creating what is virtually the same artwork however the original is a masterpiece and the newer version is a piece of pretentious hipster garbage. Now that I’ve devoid-ed from the topic at hand completely i think its best to get back to the main topic, Halo 5: Guardians The love child of Microsoft, that can’t figure out whether of or not the father of the basted child is e-sports or soul-less commercialism (Doritoes and Mountain Dew) in a setting that could be reminiscent on any show produced by fox at the moment. When looking at halo 5 the best thing that can be said about it, is that is visually stunning and i think that is pro’s enough. Now without further adieu lets get straight to the cons, without stressing the technical’s of FPS lock and the amount of pixels, the main driving force behind Halo is now the expanded universe which has now become the primary universe as Halo 5:Guardians seems now more like a selling point to reduce the numbers of overproduced dozen books and 2 dozen comics which have been published since Halo 4’s release casually pilling up against the escape goat for the MCC and a dead horse in 343’s closet space and the sole reason for this is 343’s expanded universe sucks with Halo Nightfall attesting to this with unlikable characters and melodramatic re-occurrences that are sure to re-arise in Halo 5 plot aggressively attacking as a virus at the characters 343 has yet to touch, spreading faster than the Bubonic plague in Medieval Europe. Now the multiplayer, you remember the slow paced strategic arena shooter, yeah well that doesn’t sell well. lets make it faster louder and change the entire control scheme and certain mechanics to match the same controls of a certain FPS to make more cash. But in all honesty aside from sarcasm and wit, Halo 5 is sure not to last long in player base, As Call of Duty already mastering the moron player base and with Fallout 4 and another game i’m not to glad about seeing Star Wars Battlefront that will cash in on Nostalgia. Halo 5 is simply another title with its fair share of nails and sins particularity Greed and Pride that will last about as long as a goldfish in direct sunlight. Thank you for reading and please don’t let up lightly in the comments
p.s Its a damn shame there are only 8 poll options i could go on all day

You forgot the: “Lack of Spartan Customization” option.
This is honestly what is holding me back from buying Halo 5

Considering the game is not yet out, are any of us fully qualified to pronounce final judgement on it?

Most of your points relate to the campaign of which we’ve seen one tiny snippet of, hardly enough to judge the entire campaign by.

We haven’t seen all of the multiplayer maps yet so there could still be more non-symmetrical ones.

The abilities I wouldn’t consider a negative thing either, most of them like thruster and clamber genuinely add to the gameplay. Some like shoulder charge and groundpound offer more offensive options in close quarters or for those who are aggressive pushers.

Halo’s combat has actually always been pretty fast paced on small maps. The CE Magnum and subsequent BRs all pushed that point home.

I believe you are jumping the gun a bit.