Biggest Halo infinite issue imo

People complain about dsync which is a problem dont get me wrong but why is none complaining about the terrible ping in matches? I live in EU and i amlucky if i can get to 140ms ping games. 140ms ping on mnk is unplayable especially for ranked. Weapons like the disruptor dont work on high ping and dsync issues get amplified by x10. Every game i get into that is over 80ms i ll just do the right thing and respect myself and my time and just leave the game and allow my team to get slaughtered like pigs due to sbmm which puts me in games with low skilled teamm8s and expects me to carry them. I will not carry anyone at 140ms+ ping. I will not put myself through that. A server selection setting should without a doubt be on top of 343s priority list but we all know its not so in the meantime i ll just leave games ruin the game for my team, get banned until i find acceptable ping games. I dont care about waiting 20mins 30mins or an hour if that means i get in a game where the connection is fair. I do it on Mcc all the time. I ll chose quality over quantity of matches any -Yoink!- day of the week.


To answer your question the reason why people don’t mention it much is because dysync tends to worsen on high ping matches

I for one complained about it while complaining about dysync and the strict sbmm as its the latter that’s putting you into high ping games

But you mentioned that you play ranked and experience the high ping and sorry to say but thats the flaw of ranked by design you’re going to get high ping matches at some point

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I mean ranked is meant for fair competitive close skill matches right? On what planet is matching players with 40ms ping against players with 200ms ping fair? The game is terrible on mnk as it is but when you take into consideration the 140ms+ ping it becomes completely unplayable.


Its idiotic i know heck i use that exact point as why unranked shouldn’t have strict sbmm

Like i agree it defeats the purpose of a fair match with similarly skilled players

Let’s see where to begin the game wasn’t 100% completed on launch and still isnt. A lot of bugs. It being free to play and filled with micro transactions and stupid cosmetics cat ears cough cough . Not having the option to turn off cross play . 343 ruining the traditional halo art style and having multiple armor cores instead of the traditional 1 customizable spartan. No color customization system and no traditional. Emblem. Customization system I could go on

The game’s netcode does in fact blow chunks, and I agree that it’s one of the game’s biggest issues.

I can’t even tolerate the game when desync kicks up. It’s so bad that I leave and do something else every time, and it’ll probably continue to be that way either until Forge drops or they settle this once and for all.