Biggest Flaw with JIP: Uneven Starting Teams

There has been a lot of discussion about the join in progress system introduced in Halo 4. I feel that it is a good idea (which many may disagree with), but its current implementation has a fatal flaw - it allows games to start with uneven teams. This fact, in my opinion, is the single greatest problem with JIP.

The JIP was designed to rebalance games after people leave. In theory this is great, since I experienced many a game in Reach where one or more people left making the game very unfair or boring, depending on which team you were on. However, because games can start unevenly in Halo 4, the JIP system is having to fill games that people have left from, and it has to fill slots in games that that started with unbalanced teams to begin with!

This creates even more games that the system has fill up, more games that people leave because they are not inclined, in general, to stay in, which means that there are even more slots to fill up!

Now that there is no penalty (or a less harsh penalty, I’m not sure) for leaving games, people are more likely to leave a game now than in Reach, so making games start evenly is not going to completely solve the problem: people will still be put into games mid match. However, I have to think that it will help, and I would think that it would reduce the frequency with which people are put into the middle of games.

So please, 343, change it so games start with even teams.

It started a game last night 5v1

Games should start only with two full teams in team playlists. Starting a game in the playlist, Capture the Flag, with only two players against five was about the most ridiculous game I’ve had ever played. The other team consisted of Lt Wasp and his matchmaking friends, camping my and my teammate’s spawns on Ragnarok trying to inflate their kill-to-death ratios; meanwhile, so many players had joined and instantly left our team that we both eventually had to quit.

Hopefully this feature is patched before the release of the future ranking system. Otherwise, any reasonably competitive player will refuse to search a playlist by his/her lonesome. Already, I care a lot about my hidden rating, therefore I had stopped searching playlists without a full party as of recent. ‘Join In Progress’ is a fine feature, but starting a game with one side empty-handed is simply unacceptable.