Biggest comeback

Came back was down 18. What are some of yours? Cant blame matchmaking there pretty accurate.

My favorite one was a match of BTBSF in H5. Down by about 30, all the feeders dropped and were replaced by proper players, and we came back to win by about 10 I believe. It was a great match. Had I been one of the folks who joined that match in progress, I would have definitely quit immediately. So, props to them for sticking around.

I literally made a post bout this :joy::joy:

My favourite ever happened last night in Grifball:

We were 2-1 down with about 4.5 minutes to play. My teammates were all getting slaughtered quite regularly and for once I had a pretty healthy K/D. Rarely for me I’d hardly touched the ball during the game to that point, but had been playing tactically and defending /clearing routes for our carriers.

One of the enemy team got booted for betrayals, but then one of our teammates (whom I’d already forgiven for betraying once) betrayed me when I was in perfect position to block the enemy carrier from getting to our goal, allowing the enemy to go 3-1 up, so I booted our teammate to make it 3v3.

I spawned, cleared the ball spawn, picked the ball up, pushed the goal, but was stopped inches short. Fortunately a teammate was there to nab the rebound and score: 3-2. I cleared the next ball spawn, cleared a path to the goal for one of our teammates, but he messed up his ground pound and failed to score, but the ball landed at my feet right next to the goal, so I punched it in. 3-3, but was then killed.

I spawned just in time to race to the ball spawn, ground pound it clear, grab the ball, then ground pound into the defenders and score: 4-3 to us. I stayed alive, fell back to the ball spawn, killing three enemies along the way, grabbed the ball, dodged round one enemy and punched it in for a 5-3 win.

7 seconds holding the ball, 3 goals, 45 kills, 4 goal offences, 4 carrier kills, and finishing the game with a killing spree.

I was pretty proud of that one.