Bigger problems than customization and progression

I agree with all these posts and comments about how bad the monetization scheme is, how scummy it is, and how terrible the progression is. I have to say though, I really hope they fix the game itself first.

There are lots of really big issues here that no one seems to be talking about anymore because of all this cosmetics and progression talk. For example, the radar is still tiny and all but useless (in Arena too, not just in BTB). Player collisions are still turned off, as is Friendly Fire. The shield recharge delay is still annoyingly long compared to other Halo titled for no apparent reason. Vehicles still flip constantly and have buggy, stuttering physics around them, and still have very poor visual indication of damage. The server tick rate still feels terribly slow and people get killed around corner all the time.

While I do want to see better progression and a fix for the crappy monetization scheme 343 pushed on players, I’d really like to see the game work and play well first. Deal with those big changes once you’ve fixed the actual game.


I was really against friendly fire being off but now after playing a bunch of BTB I think it’s an extremely good idea aha.

It’s still on for ranked, I wouldn’t mind seeing it on for quickplay either. Definitely off for BTB.


I’d consider the lack of a crossplay toggle to be an issue too, I hope that’s addressed in the future.

Yeah BTB it’s not as bad. The problem I have in Arena at least is that Friendly Fire being off makes grenades and other explosive much stronger, and makes it very difficult to have cool plays and actually not die. Enemies will just throw grenades at you, even if they have an ally right there, meaning even when you win a 1v1 or a 2v1, you’re likely to just get blown up immediately after. If Friendly Fire was on, either people wouldn’t throw those grenades, or they’d have to wait til after you won to make sure they didn’t blow up their teammate, giving you a chance to get to safety.

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Yeah agreed; the fact that it’s only in Ranked is really foolish, I think.