I am a young white female looking for…

I’m joking by the way…I’m looking for a team, who I can rely on. There’s loads of posts like this but all I’m really looking for is a small group of players, who are friendly, but play to win. I want people who share weapons, don’t drop out in objective games (-__-) and generally enjoy kicking back, and having a good laugh on Reach…If you wanna join it’s not really an official “clan” as such, but I want to get a team of good players to enjoy my BTB games, not trying to keep the scrubs away from the snipers -_-

Anyway, I’m English, 17.I’m friendly, although remember…I want to win :wink: I think I’m a good laugh, then again I would say that…And I’m on 4/5-9 everyday(ish) GMT standard time (So London time). My k/d is 1.44 and rising, it’s gone up from 1.39 last week. I’m a Geny grade 2 and that’s it…I can survive without power weapons as such, all I need is a DMR. Vehicles aren’t my forte either, I prefer foot soldier.

Please Only reply, message me or join etc. If you’re good. In game we will go into game chat for communication reasons, which reminds me, please have a mic xD

Anyway, that’s it. If you wanna bring a friend in with you feel free, just add me on my tag, and message me regarding “Post” or something…Anyway I’ll hopefully cya, and we’ll have a good time =)

Lotsa Love, Wolfi

P.S, I won’t only play with you in BTB, If you’re on and you see me on Reach invite me, and we’ll tear up dem scrubs =P

Sure. How does a game of team slayer sound on Friday? I am willing to play Team Slayer, BTB, Objective, and Invasion. I should be on around 5-6pm Eastern U.S. time. Don’t know how many hours you are ahead of me. But I’m assuming there is time to squeeze in a game or two. My rank is a Hero and almost Legend. My favourite weapon is the Assault rifle, but can work with other weapons.